Transport your senses from the wilds of the Amazon to the bustle of Tokyo with the stunning Tezukuri Business Lunch at Soko Rooftop. Serving a specially curated blend of Peruvian and Japanese delicacies, our chefs have perfected a business lunch Brisbane will never forget.


With ‘O’ style delicacies, signature cocktails and an extensive selection of pisco sours, Soko Rooftop is the perfect venue for your next business lunch. Explore the menu below or get in touch with us to make a corporate lunch reservation!


Explore Our Business Lunch Menu

Our Tezukuri Business Lunch Brisbane is a decadent journey through our unique blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.
Hand crafted by a team of expert chefs, our business lunch menu experiments with traditional dishes, techniques and flavours to deliver an exotic dining experience unlike any other.

Combining your choice of small plates, donburi sets and our homemade desserts, the Tezukuri Business Lunch at Soko Rooftop is for every occasion. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, welcoming a new team member or simply looking for a treat, Soko Rooftop’s business lunch Brisbane is an unforgettable experience.

Step inside and discover a land of contemporary culinary delights perfectly curated by our chefs.


Discover Business Dining

Our Tezukuri Business Lunch menu is not only delectable but also aesthetically pleasing and meticulously crafted.

We believe that creating the perfect business lunch atmosphere goes beyond just the furnishings and glassware – it requires igniting all the senses to achieve a truly memorable experience for you and your clients or team.

Allow yourself to sink into the plush velvet chairs as we set the pace for a sensational dining adventure.

Join us in the lush jungle surroundings from 12 pm for our coveted Tezukuri Business lunch, the ideal midweek pick-me-up.